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March 24 2014


Hey everyone, please go over and like the group page for Lucky Singh's current band "The Scene" and follow their updates as they take Abu Dhabi by storm,his Lounge Trio are currently performing nightly at the 5 Star Sofitel Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Like their Group Page Here:

December 02 2012

LUCKY SINGH Composes Score for short movie Titled "The Priest With Two Guns

Hey everyone hope you are all well, i just wanted to update you on current events.

Ive been busy with many things, and i have some very big prospects for 2013! I never want to put the kiss of death on things so i wont say too much just yet, i will be sure to keep you all up to date...

There is something special i wanted to share with you all though..

I was offered the opportunity to compose a complete score for a short movie called "The Priest With Two Guns" I was approached by Director Rodney Reynolds and was provided with a 1st draft of the script, the genre and the plotline were exactly my kind of thing so i got started on some ideas. After sending the demos over to Rodney and his production team they were confident that i was the man for the job, so i nooked studio time and got to work on final versions.

The movie was filmed in October and is currently in editing stages, I had completed the full score in November and the trailer was released last week. Its due to be released next summer, it hopes to hit many big film festivals including the legendary "Cannes Film Festival" Links for both the trailer and the facebook group are below, so check out the trailer and then visit the facebook page and "like"

Hope everyone is safe and well out there, yes... December has arrived and that can mean only one thing, the world is even crazier than usual ha!

Have fun whatever you have planned and i will be back soon with another update for you!

Peace & Luv As Always,

Lucky :-) xx

The Priest With Two Guns Facebook

The Priest With Two Guns Trailer

June 04 2012

The charity single "I Believe" is now available to download folks!

The group Full Circle have released their first charity single and its out now, all proceeds go to the charity Me & Dee. As mentioned in a previous news update...

Lucky was asked to be involved by his older brother H and group organiser Paul Stuart Davies, Lucky had re-arranged and recorded a new version of Yolanda Adams song "I Believe" originally from the movie "Honey" (Jessica Alba) The song showcases some very talented singers coming together from all over the UK.

Please click on a logo below to take you to the relevant digital download store and purchase your copy of "I Believe", for more info on the group and the charity please click on the Full Circle Logo below.

May 08 2012

Lucky Singh, H Singh and Paul Stuart Davies interviewed on BBC Radio Shropshire tonight. DONT MISS IT FOLKS!!

Check out an interview with me, my older brother H and Paul Davies about our project Full Circle and our single "I Believe" between 5:30pm & 6:30pm GMT tonight at BBC Radio Shropshire, click the link below to stream live:

If you miss it then you can listen back on BBC iplayer here:

To find out more about Full Circle and to watch the video for our charity single "I Believe" please visit

Thanks for your support folks,

Lucky :-) xx

May 04 2012


Hey all Lucky here.. I've been busy with many and wanted to update everyone here at www.Lucky Singh Online.

The writing has been going very well and a new album is on the horizon, demos are in full swing and im really happy with some of the new material ive gotten together. I will keep you all posted on that but there is a charity single ive been involved in that i want to tell you about.

Full Circle are a group of very talented singers that have taken the time to use their talents for a good cause. It was an idea that was arranged by Paul Stuart Davies and Kiki deVille but you can visit for more info.

My brother told me about it when he was approached by Paul to be a featured singer, then i was asked if i would consider arranging the song and recording the music. The song is called "I Believe" that featured in the film Honey (Jessica Alba) I used Pauls Piano and Vocal Guide to build up and arrange a new version of the song, to give it a fresh new sound with an up to date approach.

I would then start receiving more and more vocals from Paul, home recordings from some amazing vocalists. The level of talent and the age range was something i found pretty amazing, each personality and vocal style unique. Many from different generations of musical influences, but working together in harmony. So head on over to for more info about the single and you can see the video and hear the single.

The proceeds from the single sales (when released) will go to a charity called Me & Dee at Me & Dee is a registered charity established to offer and create 'special moment treats' for when time is precious, for anyone of any age with life threatening and life limiting conditions. Of course you can donate now if you wish too, still be sure to buy the single when it becomes available too and donate again for us :-)

So head on over and show your support at

Much Luv as Always :-)

Lucky Singh xx

September 19 2010


Hey peeps,

its 4:45am right now and I just thought I would send you all an update on how things are going before I get a couple hours sleep ahead of another busy day, Yaaaawn... ;-) Things have been going really well, the new music is coming along great and Iím really enjoying everything Iím involved in right now. "7" played our first full 2 hour + show at the assembly rooms Ludlow last month and we had such a great time, it was a luxury to have all the backing tracks + visuals throughout the show. Itís hard to live up to since most venues donít have the facilities to cater for animated visuals as a backdrop, we are more than prepared to just rock out without the visuals though and rehearsals have really been some of the best we have ever had.

As always Iíve been working hard on new pieces of music, if I wanted to I could probably delve into another 3 album release but feel I should slow things down a little hehe. Need to give myself a little more time to let things "Breathe" ;-)

As many of you may know Iíve been working on a piece of music entitled "Breathing" which I had written and recorded especially for Guitar Idol 2010! Itís always been great fun entering into the Guitar Idol competitions and the last 2 competitions have been a really good experience for me, above all itís been a really great tool for exposing my music to people and appreciating their interest in what I do.

With the help of Tony Knight and Ben "Billy Bob" Bosco Iíve been able to create a video thatís a little more special this year, myself and Tony spent a day travelling to different areas in and around Telford to shoot some external footage. If youíre from Telford you may find a few of the shots familiar, in addition to that myself and Ben "Billy Bob" Bosco filmed some close up footage indoors so the judges and avid guitar fan can see my playing in more close up detail.

The entry has now been submitted and you are all welcome to head on over to and show your support by voting for me, it would be great to make the final this year but again... Iím more than happy just to be gaining the right exposure from an event like Guitar Idol.

Download the full mp3 version of "Breathing" and full album versions of "Foxy's Crazy" and "Hometown" from Here.

Just a short one here folks, just want to say a final thank you for your continued support and as always stay safe and well.

We will see ya on the road soon!

Lucky ;-) xx

August 09 2010

An Evening with "7"

At The Assembly Rooms Ludlow Saturday The 14th August

This Saturday "7" will be performing their first 2 hour+ show at:

Ludlow Assembly Rooms
1 Mill Street

It's free entry and children may come along providing they are accompanied by an adult (warning as alcohol will more than likely be available, Ahem....)

The evening will see "7" performing songs from 3 of Lucky Singh's previously released albums titled:

Tokyo Rules
Project 8105

All 3 CDs will also be available to purchase on the evening of the show, for a special 3-CD-package price of £20! (otherwise £8 Each)

So grab your GPS, whack in the postcode SY8 1AZ and come and show your support by sharing a night of drinks and live entertainment in the form of every musical genre imaginable!

March 13 2010

Episode 11 "The Mystique of 7"

Episode 11 of "The Mystique of 7" is up now. Check it out here:

We cannot believe there is only 2 episodes left!

February 12 2010

Win a copy of "7"!

In this weeks episode of The Mystique Of "7" Lucky discusses the 7th track on the album which is Mystic "7".

We are giving away a copy of the album "7" to 7 Lucky prize draw winners, all you need to do is count how many times you hear the number "7" throughout this episode and email us at with your answer. All correct entries will then be picked at random and revealed in the final episode.

Check out the all important video HERE.

Bye for now ;-) xx

January 10 2010

"7" makes's top 5 albums of 2009!

Matheson Kamin (writer for has listed Lucky's debut instrumental album as one of his Top 5 Albums of 2009. We's like to offer our thanks to Matheson and for their awesome reviews of all 3 albums and their support!

Check out the article here.

Check out matheson's myspace here

January 07 2010

New Blog!

We've started a new blog. For those of you who want to read our ramblings, feel free to check out our blogger page at

Don't forget to also follow us on twitter and join our facebook page (links to the right).

Boy, you can really get carried away with all this social networking!!! :D


January 02 2010

Happy new year from Lucky, Kev & Ben!

Happy new year to all you 7ucky fans! We've got so much planned for this year, but we'll get to that later! For now, we're working on 3 large video series to give you an insight into Lucky's 3 albums. Check out the first one here

November 28 2009 Reviews all 3 albums.

Dylan Edwards over at was kind enough to review all 3 albums.

Check out the review here:

October 12 2009

Featured Band of the Week at & gig updates.

Lucky and "7" are featured Band of the Week over at

They've also given all 3 albums great reviews!

Check them out at

We also have 2 gigs lined up this week. Supporting the awesome Ever the Joker (formally newbreed), Tuesday 13th October at the Yorkshire House, Shrewsbury, and headlinging at the Varsity, Wolverhampton, this Friday Night (16th October). More details coming soon!

September 23 2009

Booking gigs!

We've officially labelled our band "7" and are busy booking gigs. More news coming soon!

June 05 2009

London International Music Show 09

Both Lucky and Ben will be attending the London International Music Show (LIMS) 09 this weekend (at Excel, London). It's THE music event of the year.

Feel free to stop by and say hello! We'll be promoting our triple album release.

May 29 2009

Guitar Idol Results.

Unfortunately, Lucky didn't make the final 12 for Guitar idol 2009, but he did make the Judges' "Best of The Rest", where they said.

"A cool bloke and even cooler guitarist: Lucky's entry was one of the favourite songs of all the judges - quite simply a fabulous track that could grace any world class guitarists album. This guy has all the compositional abilities that we found wanting in many of the other contestants, and Lucky is a fine player and composer but it was felt that in the end his vibrato let down proceedings."

April 10 2009

Lucky has got to the next round of online finals on Guitar Idol 09

Lucky was chosen, by the judges of guitar idol, to go through to the online finals round.

We've re-recorded his entry "Sorrow" and you can vote now!

Vote here:

Thanks for your continued support!

March 24 2009

Vote for Lucky in Guitar Idol 2009!

Lucky is entering Guitar Idol this year, with his great track "sorrow". Guitar Idol is a huge guitar competition that's all about finding great new talent, so it's great to get involved in!

Click the link below and vote for Lucky:

March 23 2009

Albums available to buy & download from cdbaby.

All 3 albums are available to buy and download from cdbaby, itunes and amazon, so check them out today!

7ucky - 7
Tokyo Rules
Project 8105

February 01 2009

New Tracks Uploaded.

Nine new FULL tracks have been uploaded to this website, from each of the three projects. We've also uploaded a number of sample tracks. Check them all out on 7ucky Radio!

January 31 2009

New website launched.

We're delighted to launch the brand new Lucky Singh website! Take a look around and let us know what you think. Don' forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive updates via email.

November 21 2008

Project 8105 Interviewed by Elevenses

Click here to read the full interview.

More About Lucky

After years of writing, producing and performing just about anything and everything, singer/songwriter Lucky Singh has decided to accomplish his ultimate dream (something not many artists if any, have ever considered doing). To write, record and produce three albums set for a triple album release on one single date, ensuring each individual album is of authentic quality and style fitting within separate themes and genres.

The music industry can tend to pigeon-hole artists into a style of, almost being handed a genre of which they really cannot rightfully claim as their own. All music heard here at Lucky Singh Online is without doubt of authentic quality. "7ucky": An instrumental guitar album with technical phrasing but heartfelt compositions."Project 8105": More than a Progressive metal/fusion/pop/rock musical but a concept that covers visual animation and a full comic book. Finally, "Tokyo Rules": a straight pop rock album with hooks catchy enough to have you humming away for weeks.

All of the expressions and emotions felt from the music to the listener are undeniably true, each album owns an identity in looks and sound. Alhough the projects are distinctively different from one another they all fly under the Lucky Singh Banner.

"We must be sure that all we ever accomplish is integral to our vision."

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